Sunday, 28 September 2008

Your help is URGENTLY needed

An emergency appeal
The world of finance has taken a blow over the last few weeks – and we’ve all witnessed the consequences. Newspapers and TV were full of heartrending images of Lehman Brothers employees, folornly carrying boxes out of their offices, clutching their precious belongings as others looked on in bewilderment. Further casualties are expected throughout the sector, and no-one in finance can be 100 per cent sure that they’ll emerge from the crisis unscathed.

Now, here’s your chance to make a difference. SPEW (Society for the Protection of Enormous Wealth) is dedicated to rehabilitating those worst affected by the financial crisis. You can make a one-off gift or sign up to make regular donations, but please, give what you can.

Why not Adopt-a-Banker? For the small sum of just £6,000 a month (minimum donation), you can help to bail out your own banker, providing him with the food, clothes and expensive London accommodation he needs to survive. By signing up to this scheme you’ll receive monthly updates (with photos) on your adopted banker – letting you know how much of a difference your contribution is making.

One grateful recipient of the Adopt-a-Banker scheme is Edouard d'Archimbaud, from Paris. Aged just twenty-four, Edouard was due to start his job as a trader with the now disgraced Lehman Brothers on a salary of £45,000. But even before he could reach his desk on his first day of work, he was told that he’d been fired. He had just taken out a six-month lease on a flat, and didn’t know how he would pay for it.

Thanks to generous donations from people like you, Edouard was able to rebuild his life. The help we provided paid for the lease on his lovely new flat, as well as setting him up with several expensive new suits for him to wear to job interviews. Extra funds went towards leisure activities, gym membership at an exclusive sports club, a short holiday abroad, and various other things to help him recover from the shock he suffered. He is now back on his feet, having landed a brilliant position with a leading investment bank – and he couldn’t have done it without the generosity of our donors.

All we ask of you is a small contribution of several thousand pounds a month – and you too could change someone’s life.

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